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Jean Pierre

Jean Pierre

Medium, Numerology, Astrology, Dreams


Are you attempting to improve or change your life?Are you seeking answers toemotional, family, relationship, professional or other concerns?Do you want to know if:--your love relationship will evolve?--you will meet the right person?--your professional situation will progres...

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Received 18 recent reviews from 312 readings with 100% score.

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Thank You

I had a good reading from Jean. He was able to help me understand in a subtle way & I appreciate the fact that he was able to give me a couple of exact dates that I am looking forward to. I'm happy to know what is in store for my near future & I will be very much waiting for these dates. Thank you very much 💜

Last 15 days ago - marylinmonroe199, on the 18/03/2020

Lovely Reading

Jean Pierre provided a lovely and informative reading. He was so quick to respond which was an absolute blessing. Thank you Jean Pierre, I will be reaching out to you again and I encourage others to do the same.

Last 15 days ago - rufusdude, on the 17/12/2019


I truly enjoyed your reading; he was on point and very direct with his information. I am looking forward to his prediction and more of his insight in the future. Thank you again and Godspeed.

Last 15 days ago - hollie4468, on the 08/12/2019

Returned For More

I spoke to Mr.Pierre on November 23rd. Something came true ALREADY, so I returned to speak again. Hes a great and gifted guy. I will continue to leave a review each time we speak so that people know how great and true his readings are.

Last 15 days ago - givenlifeago, on the 04/12/2019

Gifted Gentleman

Mr. Jean Pierre welcomed me on the line then IMMEDIATELY got to work. I felt like my time was not wasted at at. His skill is more so in Astrology and he ties it in with the ability to feel your energy. Hes amazing. I spoke with him last week, and he said I would have money coming in THIS MONTH and it did. He ga e me dates and insights on love, career, money, peace of mind and so much more. I look forward to talking to him again. I am confident to reccomend those gentleman if you are looking for a great consultation or reading.

Last 15 days ago - givenlifeago, on the 30/11/2019

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Jean Pierre's Background

Medium, Numerology, Astrology, Dreams - 40 Years of Experience

Are you attempting to improve or change your life?

Are you seeking answers toemotional, family, relationship, professional or other concerns?

Do you want to know if:

--your love relationship will evolve?

--you will meet the right person?

--your professional situation will progress?

--you have concerns about your family, your children, your lifein general and more?


Call me for:

--detailed answers to your questions

--guidance to follow your true journey in life


I’ll be happy to:

--provide you with an overview of what's in store for youthis year and in the future

--guide you on your path of life

--respond to any questions you may have.


I look forward tospeaking with you at your convenience.


Specialties and expertise: Numerology, Tarot, Astrology,Pendulum, Dream Analysis.


Many years of experience in numerology, tarot, astrology, pendulum, dreams analysis


Specialties and expertise: Numerology, Tarot, Astrology, PendulumDream Analysis.

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