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Jean Pierre

Jean Pierre

Medium, Numerology, Astrology, Dreams


Want to improve or change your life?Seeking answers to emotional, family, relationship, professional or other concerns?Want to know if:--your love relationship will evolve?--you will meet the right person?--your professional situation will progress?--you have concerns about your...

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Received 9 recent reviews from 211 readings with 100% score.

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He was right again

I had him compare to be people he predicted right who would come first! Got the confirmation today! Just that fast! Will see how everything else unfold for next week or the next 2 weeks

 Last 15 days ago - rising9, on the 15/11/2019

He was right!

Wow Pierre is very fast! Very accurate with numbers dates and times! Picks up very accurate on people and personalities! I called yesterday as soon as i got off he was right! He is my new favorite!

 Last 15 days ago - rising9, on the 14/11/2019

Good with numerology

Very intuitive he is, great advice. Hope his predictions come to pass.

 Last 15 days ago - astrofame2, on the 08/11/2019

Reading by Jean Pierre

Jean was attentive, engaging, responsive, concise and thoughtful. He told me that I would meet someone by December this year and I would marry next year. It would be love at first sight. He was very thorough. I was very encouraged. Good reading.

 Last 15 days ago - kj44msw, on the 06/11/2019

He was great

So thoughtful and kind. Great read. He really was straight to the point and the advice was great.

 Last 15 days ago - medzo28, on the 15/06/2019

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Jean Pierre's Background

Medium, Numerology, Astrology, Dreams - 39 Years of Experience

Want to improve or change your life?

Seeking answers to emotional, family, relationship, professional or other concerns?

Want to know if:

--your love relationship will evolve?

--you will meet the right person?

--your professional situation will progress?

--you have concerns about your family, your children, your life in general and more?


Call me for:

--answers to your questions

--guidance to follow your true journey in life

I’ll be happy to:

--provide you with an overview of what's in store for you this year or in the future

--guide you on your path of life

--respond to any question or concern you may have.

Looking forward to speaking or chatting with you at your convenience.


Many years of experience in numerology, tarot, astrology, pendulum, dreams analysis


Specialties and expertise: Numerology, Tarot, Astrology, PendulumDream Analysis.

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  • clairvoyance
  • family
  • finance
  • love
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  • numerology
  • pendulum
  • psychic
  • romance
  • spirituality
  • tarot
  • wellness

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