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Our Customers' Reveiews

Psychic Noemi (Tarot - Psychic) 100 % score (7 reviews)

Excellent Reading
She was a great fast reader... she made me feel comfindent in my situation. Just have to wait and see what will happen. Thank you Noemi! 😊
Review published by celchoy843, on 1 day

Psychic Noemi

Psychic Ashi (Psychic Reader) 97.5 % score (41 reviews)

Happy happy
I enjoyed my reading. I got all of my questions answered. Thank you you so much. I’m very happy customer
Review published by lululove37, on 2 days

Psychic Ashi

Sophia (Love relationship Expert) 94.3 % score (18 reviews)

thank you
she was really welcoming. and was very thorough.she was on point about a lot of things. thanks again sophia.
Review published by laureld, on 2 days


Psychic Bright (Love & Relationship Advic) 100 % score (21 reviews)

Bright was amazing and very accurate in my reading. He was such a great help to me and gave me new hope. He was very kind and I look forward to connecting with him again soon.
Review published by cassier072690, on 4 days

Psychic Bright

Psychic Tahir (Psychic Clairvoyant Mediu) 96.9 % score (34 reviews)

Chat Reading
Again I will say Tahir is a kind, genuine soul that really has helped me through dark times. He knows me very well and I speak to him often for guidance. He will give you insight beneath the surface of things.
Review published by brina1, on 4 days

Psychic Tahir

Psychic Nina (Relationship Reader) 100 % score (38 reviews)

great reading
everytime she could connect so perfectly and ensure accurate reading and guidance. never i have seen psychic nina telling any wrong messages. psychic nina is so perfect, fast and quickly read exact things. thank u mam for your great reading
Review published by ajitha27, on 6 days

Psychic Nina

Raising Hope (Psychic Reader,Love relat) 85 % score (16 reviews)

waste of time
previous reader had better sensed my life this seemed like mostly guesswork and indian chanting to drag on phone call I hung up not soon enough!!!
Review published by computerbob, on 6 days

Raising Hope

Humi Healings (Psychic Reader) 85.7 % score (9 reviews)

Very inquisitive reader!
Guys, Humi Healings is AMAZING!! He was very thorough. a great listener, and took his time to really delve into the details surrounding my questions. I was so shocked at the accuracy of his information that I had to pause for a second and digest what he was saying. He kept it honest and even offered suggestions on how I could remain positive. I couldn’t be happier with my reading. Don’t delay...talk to Humi Healings about your situation today!
Review published by jamberry87, on 1 week

Humi Healings

Psychic Pamela (Life Reader) 100 % score (14 reviews)

She did a good job for the reading. Took a bit of a min to answer but gave me some positive information and how I need to be feeling. So I am happy for the reading and will be more positive.
Review published by colcols, on 1 week

Psychic Pamela

Psychic Soultions (No Tools Clairvoyant Psyc) 100 % score (4 reviews)

One of the best reading I have had. Really nailed it on the head as to what she was doing and where her mind is at. Long timeline for her to decide what she wants but if the outcome is as expected all the stress will be worth it. Excellent reading
Review published by bigp15, on 1 week

Psychic Soultions

Psychic Julia (Love And Relationship Gui) 62.5 % score (3 reviews)

Where do I begin
This lady literally repeated everything like LITERALLY I wonder if she was just copy and pasting and forgot what she was saying ...this was 10 minutes of repeating
Review published by nece22, on 1 week

Psychic Julia

Jenny (Love Psychic) 92.9 % score (18 reviews)

New love
Didn’t really give me anything specific, just waffled for twenty mins. Didn’t respond to my questions. Glad this was a free 20 dollar reading coz I would have been very upset otherwise.
Review published by hayleyjay, on 1 week


Psychic Z (Psychic Love Reader) 91.7 % score (25 reviews)

Awesome chat
He was very informative and he listened and gave me clarity and I really enjoyed my reading with him and can't wait use him again. He is to the point.
Review published by jess8283, on 1 week

Psychic Z

Miss J ( Natural-Born Gifted Psyc) 100 % score (26 reviews)

Great reading she was very quick I was really impressed. Definitely will call her back Thank You Miss J
Review published by evelyn0504, on 1 week

Miss J

Psychic Alexis (Psychic Reader and Spirit) 100 % score (10 reviews)

She told the truth! And spoke nothing but facts so if you’re thinking about calling her then you should because she will indeed give you the clarity you’re looking for and need
Review published by jkaiaka, on 1 week

Psychic Alexis

Psychic Joanna (Psychic Reader) 98.8 % score (89 reviews)

She was correct.
She was correct . She knew specific without out telling her ...it was my first online chat and I was very satisfied with the readying.
Review published by alicenc73, on 1 week

Psychic Joanna

Psychic Kiki (Psychic Reader) 95.8 % score (26 reviews)

Terrible listener
Please pay attention to what I’m asking you and answer my question . You were not answering my question, but rather saying the same thing over and over .
Review published by sayewhat, on 2 weeks

Psychic Kiki

Love Advisor Nadi (Psychic Medium) 93.6 % score (33 reviews)

I am surprised how Nadi picked up of what I did I'm just blown away answered questions in detail and accurate you will not be disappointed give her a try you will be amazed how she can picks things up
Review published by hotrod, on 2 weeks

 Love Advisor Nadi

Mystic Rachel (Psychic Reader) 100 % score (8 reviews)

She is so sweet, very welcoming. Spot on about poi. Cant wait to see her predictions unfold. Definitely recommend talking with her.
Review published by keje42, on 2 weeks

Mystic Rachel

Jessica (Psychic Reader) 100 % score (12 reviews)

Loving her she gives me hope and c things from different angles. Listens well and replies with the sense of feeling as if she’s able to feel your actual emotions or situation. Offers great advice ,even if it’s the hardest thing for you to do . Hoping for the best and tell you as is
Review published by sadie3, on 2 weeks


Candy (Psychic Reader) 100 % score (8 reviews)

My reading was just lovely with Ms Candy!! She was great 👍🏽 I really enjoyed my reading with her
Review published by popgoes, on 3 weeks


Ati (Medium Psychic) 100 % score (12 reviews)

Great reading from what I experienced
I’m looking forward for her prediction. She seeemd to be on point overall. Detailed and quick to pick up on the energy and connection between that special Simone and I :)
Review published by erikaej99, on 3 weeks


Sarika (Psychic Love Expert) 99.2 % score (133 reviews)

Sarika connected well with my situation. She listened very carefully and not only give me predictions but also useful advices. I like the fact that her astrological predictions and advices for practical approach are complementary to each other. I would follow her advices and truly hope that things will turn out well.
Review published by akash124, on 4 weeks


Empath Adelina (Psychic, Clairvoyant, Lov) 95.5 % score (25 reviews)

No connection
Her accent made it hard to clearly understand her. She talked in circles fishing for info.. I will not read with her again.
Review published by tweetay, on 1 month

Empath Adelina

Spiritualist Monica (Psychic/Spiritual Reader) 100 % score (6 reviews)

Very intuned, accurate, and compassionate! Definitely recommend if you are seeking a real tarot card/ psychic reading where your looking for guidance, answers, and accuracy
Review published by chen0727, on 1 month

Spiritualist Monica
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