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Our Customers' Reveiews

Intuitive Luna (Love And Psychic Readings) 97 % score (38 reviews)

Small Things
Thanks you lovely
Review published by mumbun32, on 46 minuts

Intuitive Luna

Leila* (Empath Honest Psychic Tar) 89.5 % score (23 reviews)

Love and career
She took forever to answer my questions couldn't understand her and what's really judgmental
Review published by lopez661, on 1 day


Sonia (Psychic,Tarot Reader,Rela) 97.4 % score (77 reviews)

Precise and Correct
I have seen many, many things Sonia has predicted come to pass. Some of which I didn't believe were possible! But she was right all along 😊
Review published by brina1, on 1 day


Jean Pierre (Medium, Numerology, Astro) 100 % score (9 reviews)

He was right again
I had him compare to be people he predicted right who would come first! Got the confirmation today! Just that fast! Will see how everything else unfold for next week or the next 2 weeks
Review published by rising9, on 1 day

Jean Pierre

Psychic Ashi (Psychic Reader) 98.9 % score (92 reviews)

Best accurate and kind psychic I know
I have consulted a lot of psychic, but Ashi is different, she is kind very sensitive and a good soul. She is good listener and undestand the problem or question before answer. She is caring and give good advises, i trust her very much., she had help me in energy cleansing, personal and career matters. And sometimes I just need to talk with someone trustful so i know I can count with her. :)
Review published by aidarargueta, on 2 days

Psychic Ashi

Mystic Rachel (Psychic Reader) 100 % score (18 reviews)

Lovely 🖤
She was lovely and sweet. She answered my questions nicely and detalic. 🙂
Review published by izellialynn, on 2 days

Mystic Rachel

Psychic Nina (Relationship Reader) 100 % score (49 reviews)

Honest and true predictions
Psychic Nina exactly read the situation and she is always very honest. In my life whatever she says it happens exactly.
Review published by ajitha27, on 4 days

Psychic Nina

Psychic Tahir (Psychic Clairvoyant Mediu) 98.5 % score (69 reviews)

On point
He really is fantastic and gives deep insight! I am a repeated customer because I trust his readings. I will do the best I can. I hate that I ran out of funds but thank you
Review published by shaii1, on 4 days

Psychic Tahir

LoveEnergy Natalie (Love & Relatioship, Tarot) 81.3 % score (6 reviews)

Horrible experience
Wont use her. I couldnt even underatand her
Review published by kmn2010, on 4 days

LoveEnergy Natalie

Psychic Sharon (Love & Relationship, care) 94.4 % score (18 reviews)

Very good
She gave me all the clarity I needed and is very sweet .
Review published by kaylaliz05, on 6 days

Psychic Sharon

Christina Angel (Love & Relationship, Psyc) 96 % score (28 reviews)

Thank you
To the point
Review published by aakansha7, on 1 week

Christina Angel

Mystie Mel ( Psychic Reader) 92.5 % score (14 reviews)

Fluff.... doesn’t know much and didn’t really and answer my questions... even more confused after this. Just general info... nothing psychic about her... save ur money.
Review published by geopoputippplmmh, on 1 week

Mystie Mel

Destiny (Psychic And Tarot Reader) 100 % score (4 reviews)

HELLO :Destiny am really so thankful and happy about my reading i really enjoyed you awesome amazing :)
Review published by page05, on 1 week


Ms. Belinda (Spiritual Advisor) 100 % score (2 reviews)

Honest and Direct
I am extremely happy after reading with Ms. Belinda. She is honest and sincere. I am grateful she did not tell me what I wanted to hear. I am convinced her insight is from spirit, I am now a faithful client. Do I suggest her? Yes!
Review published by jamesetta4, on 1 week

Ms. Belinda

PSYCHIC MARCELLO (Psychic Reader) 100 % score (2 reviews)

Just what I needed to know
I did not know what to expect from an email reading but I feel happy knowing that I got an answer out of it. The fact that it made me feel completely different afterwards in a good way and provided me with a good amount of information, was enough for me to feel satisfied.
Review published by navnitaram, on 1 week


Miss Sherry (Spiritual Psychic Adviser) 100 % score (19 reviews)

Future relationship
I had an enail reading with Miss Sherry and she was clear and to the point in her response. She was very friendly and gave me hope for my future.
Review published by vab70mteemo, on 2 weeks

Miss Sherry

Inner Voice by Mystic Sage (Psychic Expert Love Matte) 100 % score (45 reviews)

First timer
I enjoyed my first reading with them so much I came back for another
Review published by jaithor, on 3 weeks

Inner Voice by Mystic Sage

Psychic Bright (Love & Relationship Advic) 97.7 % score (50 reviews)

Enjoyed talking with him! I didn’t have to ask many questions and he could tell me a lot about the person of interest! We shall see if the predictions come to light!
Review published by sunnysky123, on 3 weeks

Psychic Bright

Angelline Clairsentient (Psychic Spy) 100 % score (9 reviews)

Very direct and to the point reading.
I loved how direct and honest she was with me. She even gave me details about myself that I didn't tell her. I really appreciate the advice she gave me as well. Very skilled reader! 👍🏿
Review published by annie_maverick, on 1 month

Angelline Clairsentient

Asma Love (Psychic Advice) 96.3 % score (58 reviews)

New job
This reading was an A+. So far everything is falling into place as Asma Love has predicted. I will definitely reach out to her again!!
Review published by guerarda, on 1 month

Asma Love

Claudia (Master Psychic and Intima) 100 % score (1 reviews)

Appreciate her insight!
Review published by lue235, on 1 month


Jessica (Psychic Reader) 100 % score (19 reviews)

Jessica was very encouraging, informative, understanding and confident! I feel blessed to talk to an amazingly honest person. I will be calling back soon!!
Review published by needgod, on 2 months


Crystal Advisor (Intuitive Psychic & Spiri) 100 % score (19 reviews)

sincere !
very gentle, easy to talk to. Picked up on things pretty fast & gave great insight. Ive talked to a few asvisors about this situation & she gave the clearest view on the situation. Thanks will def use her again.
Review published by williesha, on 4 months

Crystal Advisor
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