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Our Customers' Reveiews

Destiny (Psychic And Tarot Reader) 100 % score (5 reviews)

She’s amazing and was right in on everything With my husband and my marriage and gave me some hope and what I should do..100% coming back to her.. ❤️❤️❤️ Her
Review published by kbarnhart08, on 1 day


LOVE ADVISOR KITT (Love&Career Accurate Hone) 98.7 % score (78 reviews)

Don’t come for kitt unless you can handle the truth, she looks for nothing in return, doesn’t waste your money and time telling you how important it is to leave a review
Review published by suebee, on 2 days


Love Advisor Nadi (Psychic Medium) 97 % score (68 reviews)

i thru alot of questions at her and she picked up on it all. the fact she got the manipulative ex to a tee was amazing. shes the one to talk to.
Review published by janayjean, on 2 days

 Love Advisor Nadi

Angel (Clairvoyant & Clairsentie) 98.7 % score (85 reviews)

Very accurate
Very accurate reading. She picked up on poi without any information . It was a very positive reading....waiting to see her predictions unfold. Definitely worth your time to talk to her.
Review published by keje42, on 3 days


Eyes of Laura (Loving Relationship) 100 % score (24 reviews)

A Most Excellent Reading
I loved my reading with Eyes of Laura. She has a clarity to her readings that is awesome!
Review published by artmoon, on 3 days

Eyes of Laura

Psychic Nina (Relationship Reader) 100 % score (52 reviews)

Amazing accurate reading
Psychic Nina reads so accurate and very fast in her reading. I always trust her and even if i miss to ask she will be able to tell me. Very nice person and so polite
Review published by ajitha27, on 4 days

Psychic Nina

Miss Sherry (Spiritual Psychic Adviser) 100 % score (20 reviews)

Quite amazing!
So fast to pick up on my POI and just kept giving me information without asking a lot of questions. I'll be back for another reading!
Review published by saveadog8, on 4 days

Miss Sherry

Intuitive Luna (Love And Psychic Readings) 95.3 % score (53 reviews)

Her intuition is off the charts! She nailed my reading right on the nose! She turned into my situation immediately and was very straightforward!
Review published by cecegonzalez, on 6 days

Intuitive Luna

Psychic Yoselem (Psychic Reader) 98.5 % score (76 reviews)

Understanding, Patient and Precise
It can be hard finding psychics because you go to more than one psychic and they'll tell you 2 differents things but with psychic Yoselem, she gave direct, honest information, you could feel it in your gut. I also liked how patient she was and she really gave in-depth information. I really recommend Psychic Yoselem for anything that you want to ask about.
Review published by navnitaram, on 6 days

Psychic Yoselem

Asma Love (Psychic Advice) 96.8 % score (64 reviews)

Just amazing
Great reading by Asma she answered all my questions in details only have hope thank you asma
Review published by hotrod, on 1 week

Asma Love

Leila* (Empath Honest Psychic Tar) 91.6 % score (28 reviews)

Great feedback, told me lot of things that I need to hear, to further my decisions in the path that I am trying to go. Sweet individual listened and had a great understanding
Review published by ksterling, on 1 week


PSYCHIC MARCELLO (Psychic Reader) 100 % score (8 reviews)

Marcello is the kindest most honest reader! I have consulted with him in the past and I am well satisfied with his responses. I recommend him to anyone.
Review published by vab70mteemo, on 2 weeks


Sarika (Psychic Love Expert) 99.3 % score (159 reviews)

Compassionate and amazing
I loved sarika. She was detailed and answered questions I didn’t even realize I had. She was supportive and inspiring to me which is difficult Bc I am going through a really hard time in my life. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants detailed responses and true life advice.
Review published by megarvey34, on 2 weeks


Mystic Rachel (Psychic Reader) 95.7 % score (23 reviews)

She was very kind.
She answered my question promptly, straight forward and very kind. Gave me a timeline without asking. All I can say I am satisfied with the reading.
Review published by pheona2018, on 2 weeks

Mystic Rachel

The WHOL[e]Y ONE MK (Spiritual Guide & Psychic) 25 % score (2 reviews)

She gives an accurate reading, the only thing is she reads a slow, and it would be better if she elaborated clearly and quickly the insight that comes to her. Otherwise I liked her.
Review published by dabney654, on 2 weeks


Christina Angel (Love & Relationship, Psyc) 96.1 % score (30 reviews)

Very nice said things that were very accurate. Will see return. Was accurate with what was going on.
Review published by someone123q, on 2 weeks

Christina Angel

Sonia (Psychic,Tarot Reader,Rela) 97.7 % score (87 reviews)

First time
I enjoyed my reading but I would have liked a little more detail about the situation I am dealing with
Review published by tiggers1, on 2 weeks


Teresa ( Psychic healer and advis) 96.1 % score (28 reviews)

Thank you
I got a reading tonight and I am almost in tears. The advice and the insight she gave on my situation almost had me in tears. She gave me details I never told her about she was reading me without a million questions. She even brought up something when I was 18. Nobody BUT ME knew that important detail. She gave me a whole new look on how I need to go about achieving my goals in life. She’s the real deal and I wish she was a friend or a sister of mines because this is the type of accuracy and support I need in my life. Thank you.
Review published by aallen422, on 1 month


Psychic Sharon (Love & Relationship, care) 90.5 % score (22 reviews)

1st Time Client
Great Very detailed insightful I will come back yet follow up with the Reader the future. It’s it was right predictions I hope come true and if you would like a good read on your present future, this reader is a great choice
Review published by ladylinden, on 1 month

Psychic Sharon

Jean Pierre (Medium, Numerology, Astro) 100 % score (16 reviews)

Lovely Reading
Jean Pierre provided a lovely and informative reading. He was so quick to respond which was an absolute blessing. Thank you Jean Pierre, I will be reaching out to you again and I encourage others to do the same.
Review published by rufusdude, on 1 month

Jean Pierre

Miss J ( Natural-Born Gifted Psyc) 100 % score (37 reviews)

She was GREAT! She’s very honest and will tell you what you might not want to hear but what’s good for YOU!
Review published by judyperegrino755, on 1 month

Miss J

Psychic Alexis (Psychic Reader and Spirit) 100 % score (29 reviews)

Very focussed review
Done a few readings. Have been consistent with them. Although situation i am in is complicated and demands time, but have always received good insight and advice!
Review published by aliilyas, on 2 months

Psychic Alexis

LoveEnergy Natalie (Love & Relatioship, Tarot) 81.3 % score (6 reviews)

She is awesome.
She told me in detail about my crush and the likelihood of having a relationship with him. It makes sense to me a lot.
Review published by deyi18, on 2 months

LoveEnergy Natalie

Ms. Belinda (Spiritual Advisor) 100 % score (2 reviews)

Honest and Direct
I am extremely happy after reading with Ms. Belinda. She is honest and sincere. I am grateful she did not tell me what I wanted to hear. I am convinced her insight is from spirit, I am now a faithful client. Do I suggest her? Yes!
Review published by jamesetta4, on 2 months

Ms. Belinda

Mystie Mel ( Psychic Reader) 92.5 % score (14 reviews)

She gave good reading ...It was nice to chat with her.she boosted my confidence
Review published by jaya777, on 2 months

Mystie Mel
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