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Our Customers' Reveiews

Psychic Tahir (Psychic Clairvoyant Mediu) 98.2 % score (58 reviews)

I really enjoyed the comfort I received from this reading, and I will continue to remain positive.
Review published by annie_maverick, on 11 hours

Psychic Tahir

Brooklyn (Psychic Reader & Crystall) 92.5 % score (14 reviews)

Prediction did not come to pass and was pray the her gifts was real I thought I believed in psychic but now no not really I'm sorry but I trusted what she said I only wanted trueth no matter what it was
Review published by robyn77, on 1 day


Leila* (Empath Honest Psychic Tar) 89.3 % score (11 reviews)

Gifted Indeed
Whenever I call Leila, I get advice as if I am speaking to my mother. She listens to me then she channels into her gift and gives insight on what she sees. I spoke to her twice so far and I think she will be my go to. The first time we spoke she advised me to just pick up the phone and tell someone what's on my heart she told me that the person felt the same way fact is the other person whom I called had backed off bc they thought I didn't like them anymore. Long story short, I called and when we met up to speak, he said exact words that Leila said to me. He said I thought you didn't like me anymore, but I've thought of you. So the second time I called Leila it was to say thanks and that she was right, well we got to talking and once again she blew my mind. Dear Leila, I love you with my heart, I feel a connection when we speak and I want you to know I respect your gift and thank you for using it. I will be calling you again soon with my newest update on what you advised me to do. I'm not sure if you can channel my energy through this review but if you can, just know I did what you told me to do, and will slow down and focus on getting me together before anything else 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Review published by givenlifeago, on 1 day


Sonia (Psychic,Tarot Reader,Rela) 100 % score (41 reviews)

Just came true
I had a reading with Sonia a few weeks ago about my career. Last week it just happened, I can’t wait for the rest of her reading to happen. Looking forward to them. Thank you
Review published by answers2quest, on 2 days


Psychic Sharon (Psychic readings & Tarot) 100 % score (3 reviews)

Not really enough insight. Wish she would have answered more im depth. Only gave 1 sentence response.
Review published by dwebb4591, on 2 days

Psychic Sharon

Empath Adelina (Psychic, Clairvoyant, Lov) 96 % score (29 reviews)

A very straightforward reading
The reading/experience that I had was very positive. I was very satisfied with the answers I received.
Review published by sally_mustang, on 2 days

Empath Adelina

Jean Pierre (Numerology, Astrology, Ta) 100 % score (5 reviews)

He was great
So thoughtful and kind. Great read. He really was straight to the point and the advice was great.
Review published by medzo28, on 3 days

Jean Pierre

Life Solution (PSYCHIC ADVISER) 90.6 % score (24 reviews)

Beautiful soul
Great connection to my situation. Put my mind at ease. I really enjoyed the chat. Thank you so much. Love and light xx
Review published by nataliab, on 3 days

Life Solution

Asma Love (Psychic Advice) 96 % score (54 reviews)

Thank you so much for my reading with you! I did enjoy is very much! You were very honest, sweet, funny, and pleasant! Very accurate on what is going on in my love life. I will be following your advice! Such talent! Thank you!
Review published by texas_sg, on 4 days

Asma Love

Psychic Alexis (Psychic Reader and Spirit) 100 % score (25 reviews)

Love insights
Psychic Alexis is very precise in her insights. She is very caring and clear in her explanations. I recommend Alexis to everyone.
Review published by stephanie22291, on 4 days

Psychic Alexis

**Maria (Life Coach with NLP) 100 % score (6 reviews)

e-mail reading
Thank you for your quick response and the insight into my situation. I will meditate on what you have told me and I will definitely follow up with a call.
Review published by skidichet, on 5 days


Psychic Bright (Love & Relationship Advic) 96.7 % score (35 reviews)

Terrible reading
Reading was terrible he gave me no information took forever to give responses. Waste of money
Review published by casstury, on 1 week

Psychic Bright

Angel (Clairvoyant & Clairsentie) 98.5 % score (75 reviews)

Thanks for all the encouragement you give me angel. Thanks for caring and telling me to keep going with this thing. I hope you are right. Much love to you!
Review published by arielnunez100, on 1 week


Mystie Mel ( Psychic Reader) 100 % score (9 reviews)

Extremely talented
Unlike other readers, she connects immediately and understands the nuances of your personality almost instantaneously.
Review published by tobikiki1, on 1 week

Mystie Mel

BriLotus (Psychic Reader,Love Heale) 100 % score (9 reviews)

A little vonfusing
I was not sure about what she said. She said I know the guy but I don't feel I do. Then at the end she said we would meet. She was quick and in depth but I am unsure about it being real, Time will tell.
Review published by vab70mteemo, on 1 week


Teresa ( Psychic healer and advis) 94.4 % score (19 reviews)

She's Great
Teresa you are awesome you always know what I'm dealing with everytime and help me in all my situations. Your amazing thanks for my reading
Review published by deelove34, on 1 week


LOVE ADVISOR KITT (Love&Career Acccurate Hon) 100 % score (4 reviews)

The real deal!
Kitt is kind and will tell you what you need to hear, good or bad. She is the real deal. Thank your for your guidance. I really appreciate it!
Review published by kkaamm, on 1 week


Psychic Noemi (Tarot - Psychic) 100 % score (10 reviews)

The best reading ever! So on point and right to the point. Very intuitive. Definately will keep in contact. Thank you
Review published by denise9082, on 2 weeks

Psychic Noemi

Psychic Nina (Relationship Reader) 100 % score (43 reviews)

The best thank you Nina!
She is the best give her a shot! Very nice and has a good energy I felt completely comfortable with her. She was spot on about everything without me having to say anything.She given me great advice also probably the best I’ve ever spoken to
Review published by jaydiaj, on 3 weeks

Psychic Nina

Christina Angel (Love & Relationship, Psyc) 95.7 % score (26 reviews)

So precise. Straight to the point. Highly recommend. Will know things you don't tell her it's pretty neat.
Review published by jramos385, on 1 month

Christina Angel

Spiritualist Monica (Psychic/Spiritual Reader) 100 % score (8 reviews)

Thank you
I feel that Monica is telling me something totally different than what the other advisors have told me in the past. I asked regarding my person of interest and she told me that he has someone interested in him and that’s why he is distant with me. Other advisors told me that my POI is still with the same strong feelings towards me but he is going through some problems in his life ( while being still single) and that’s why he is a bit distant with our connection. I don’t know who is right or wrong, only time will tell, but I will be back to let everyone know and write my review based on what will happen as far as the predictions. I have used other platforms like this one and spoke to many readers and 99% of them gave me positive news and told me I have nothing to worry about and that patience is the key... We will see what the future and God has planned for everything to unfold... I liked Monica but I took her reading with a ‘grain of salt’...
Review published by zanata, on 1 month

Spiritualist Monica

Truth Healer (Relationship Advisor) 86.1 % score (16 reviews)

Enjoyed the reading
Thank you for everything I got all the answers that I needed to know and hopefully everything that was said will come to light thank you again
Review published by tyan9917, on 1 month

Truth Healer

Miss J ( Natural-Born Gifted Psyc) 100 % score (28 reviews)

Awesome Positive reading
Connect very quickly and easily. Very clear and on point reading. She positive and has a clear voice. Will recommend her. Thank you.
Review published by mo1989, on 1 month

Miss J

Sarika (Psychic Love Expert) 99.2 % score (134 reviews)

Thank you
She knew exactly what was going on inside of me, without me having to say it, I got everything I hoped for🙏🏻❤️
Review published by michellenorling, on 1 month


Psychic Z (Psychic Love Reader) 92.1 % score (27 reviews)

Excellent reading
Very informative about my relationship gave me important insights but my wifi connection is very slow will talk to again about my situation
Review published by anniey153, on 1 month

Psychic Z
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