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Our Customers' Reveiews

Marletha (Angelic Life Coach) 100 % score (2 reviews)

Kind and Sweet
Very kind and clear with response. Really tuned into my situation and was very helpful with what she felt was best for me .
Review published by bfly34, on 1 day


Asma Love (Psychic Advice) 100 % score (17 reviews)

love love LOOOVEEEEE
Idk where to begin she was so in wonderful I loved every second and honestly if you haven’t been to her you need to NOW! She really gives legit details and dates and everything man I loved it .
Review published by tru_12, on 1 day

Asma Love

Psychic Ashi (Relationship Advice) 100 % score (16 reviews)

Ashi is impeccable. She is truly gifted and HAS to be one of the best psychics I have ever had the fortune of speaking to! She was very insightful, patient, comforting and explained things VERY clearly , I was definitely shocked because SO much made sense after speaking to Ashi! She truly has a gift and I look forward to our next chat! I must also say, considering I did rush the chat, she was so kind and managed to give me all I needed with patience and kindness! Lots and LOTS of love to her :) You will not regret being privileged to speak to her!!!!
Review published by martinix, on 2 days

Psychic Ashi

Mystic Sapphire (Spiritual Love Advisor ) 100 % score (5 reviews)

enjoy my reading it felt like you was chatting with an old friend give Mystic you would come back for another reading
Review published by detroit1, on 3 days

Mystic Sapphire

Raising Hope (Psychic Reader,Love relat) 100 % score (6 reviews)

Ty so much!! You told me what I was feeling ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Review published by bari37, on 3 days

Raising Hope

Miss Kitty (Psychic Reader) 100 % score (1 reviews)

She is a very good reader dead on picked up on an initial of someone that is trying to help me and picked up on my situation with a special someone as well!! Give her a try you won’t regret it!!
Review published by kaybril1, on 3 days

Miss Kitty

Love Advisor Nadi (Psychic Medium) 100 % score (13 reviews)

She is Amazing Her Pridiction pass. Real psychic.
Thanks you Nadi.Such an Amazing Reader She is real she gve me time frame that he will propose you for married she was accurate with her time frame Now I am very happy in my life with my Fiance. as you was said he will propose you for married he did Nadi. Thanks you so much.
Review published by fatima380, on 4 days

 Love Advisor Nadi

Psychic Nicole (Life Coach ) 100 % score (1 reviews)

She is an amazing reader! Really picked up on what was going on in my life without me having to say much. She has a very calming tone and very easy to talk to. I’ve spoken to a couple of other readers on this site and maybe two were ok but she will now be my go to person.
Review published by divalike1115, on 4 days

Psychic Nicole

Psychic Luqman (Relationship, Love, Roman) 97.3 % score (42 reviews)

NO.1 trusted and a real psychic on this site . Luqman is better then all other readers of this site , extremely powerful very detailed you will not be disappointed
Review published by r3dstone, on 4 days

Psychic Luqman

Psychic Venus (Spiritual advisor ) 100 % score (1 reviews)

Loved it!!
She was awesome!! She was totally right with the situation and what was going on! If you contact her you won’t be disappointed!!
Review published by kaykay123, on 4 days

Psychic Venus

Sonia (Clairvoyant Psychic and T) 92.7 % score (14 reviews)

The worse
Couldn’t understand her sound like it was a lot of wind in the phone or the advisor was sleeping wish I could get another 10 minuets with someone i can hear and understand
Review published by veavea21, on 5 days


Crystal Advisor (Intuitive Psychic & Spiri) 100 % score (6 reviews)

Crystal was very spot on I really enjoyed the reading and will be giving a call back she said things before I can ask which was a plus in my book crystal is the real deal and everyone should try her without a doubt. Thank you crystal will be calling back soon
Review published by nese06, on 6 days

Crystal Advisor

Ashley Spiritualist (Psychic and Spiritual Rea) 100 % score (12 reviews)

Thank you
Thank you for everything. I appreciate your words of wisdom and you were very kind. I'll try to keep you updated.
Review published by hottiepookie, on 6 days

Ashley Spiritualist

Psychic Tiffany (Clairvoyant Psychic) 100 % score (2 reviews)

Tiffany is great... she answered every questions I had and answered each question at a timely manner. She was on point and did not sugar coat anything. She was able to pick up on the situation and was able to give in detail too. I can't wait to contact you again and let you know what will come to past. Thank you Tiffany
Review published by apck23, on 6 days

Psychic Tiffany

Rose Marie (Intuitive Psychic) 100 % score (5 reviews)

One of her predictions did not come true........ ........ .....................,.........
Review published by empress, on 6 days

Rose Marie

Jenna (Love Life Intuitive Thera) 100 % score (22 reviews)

just wonderful
Jenna you are so wonderful and sweet too I feel like I am talking to a friend who has a lot of insights and gives out details. Always on point too and can't wait to see what will come to past. Thank you Jenna
Review published by yoloca, on 1 week


Sarika (Psychic Love Expert) 100 % score (93 reviews)

Lost in love
I love the reading that I got. I would recommend sarika to anyone. I got all the answers I need to help me improve my relationship thank you so much
Review published by lululove37, on 1 week


Miss J ( natural-born Gifted psyc) 100 % score (14 reviews)

Miss J is one of the most sincere and honest psychic... she knows whats on my mind and I feel that she is connected with me. She also answers all questions and most of all I can hear her loud and clear without any background noise. Thank you so much for your insight Miss J
Review published by caperka, on 1 week

Miss J

Serena Sister (Psychic Advisor) 100 % score (9 reviews)

just great
Serena to me is just great... she knows what she is talking about and I can feel that from her. I have to say she is right and on point and can pick up what you are thinking too. I highly recommend Serena. Thank you so much Serena
Review published by chapk20, on 1 week

Serena Sister

Psychic Z (Psychic Love Reader) 100 % score (9 reviews)

Thank you
I like Physic Z's funny light hearted nature. His readings are consistent and he explains things in a clear way.
Review published by brina1, on 1 week

Psychic Z

Sable's Visions (Psychic Reader) 100 % score (6 reviews)

Love my reading ❤️
She was awesome although I didn’t have enough funds to continue she was very thorough!! She was also quick in responding very attentive! She also picked up on things dealing with the situation I’m in. Thanks for your time!!
Review published by stargirl1, on 1 week

Sable's Visions

Master Enigma (Love Adviser) 100 % score (8 reviews)

Master Enigma is in my opinion one of the best psychics here. His timeline of predictions are very close and he is also very detailed in his readings. He is also on point and I can't wait to update him and see what happens. Thank u
Review published by ukfraac, on 1 week

Master Enigma

Advisor Hema (Psychic and Healer) 100 % score (4 reviews)

Out of all of it I only got 1 answer.
I’d appreciate knowing at least one more answer to one of my questions. Why will my move not be good for my daughter?
Review published by zariah08, on 1 week

Advisor Hema

Truthful Seventh Star (Truthful Seventh Star) 85.4 % score (16 reviews)

Not a real psychic
Nobody should buy a reading and waste your money on her she didn’t want to answer specific questions and just rambled on about advice. Also took long to reply what a waste of my time
Review published by samone5, on 1 week

Truthful Seventh Star

Psychic Nina (Relationship Reader) 100 % score (18 reviews)

Thank you!!
Thank you Nina, you're always here for me and I appreciate everything you do. I am so happy things are finally starting to feel better and I know there's still a long road ahead but I'm very happy it's actually in my sight now. I'll be back as more happens.
Review published by nanaya6967, on 2 weeks

Psychic Nina
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