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Our Customers' Reveiews

Gloria (Psychic Light Worker) 100 % score (1 reviews)

Best reading
I love Gloria talking with her felt like I was talking to my best friend. She was very understanding and gave great advice. She is very welcoming and is a great friend to talk to
Review published by cheyhillmalik14, on 32 minutes


**Maria (Clairsentient Astrologist) 100 % score (4 reviews)

Great reading
She was really nice,she said pretty much the same thing as the other psychic and I am just waiting on the prediction :).........................................................................................................................................................................
Review published by lolo9607, on 1 hour


Teresa (Psychic Clairvoyant Mediu) 100 % score (2 reviews)

Excellent! fast, accurate, gave a lot of details on my situation, was very fast at answering many questions, made me smile! Teresa gave good insight and predictions that were very positive. Will call her soon!
Review published by member18, on 23 hours


Psychic Pamela (Life Reader) 100 % score (4 reviews)

She is absolutely amazing. She tapped into both of the situations I spoke to her on. Like things that I didn't tell her. It amazes me. She does the majority of the TALKING. Like OMG. I will be back for an update.
Review published by pruitt24, on 2 days

Psychic Pamela

Sophia (Fortune Teller ) 100 % score (2 reviews)

Thank you so much for your help tonight. Our connection was undeniable! You knew EVERYTHING about my situation. There was no area that you couldnt see! It was like you have been with me all along. And thank you for clearing up my confusion about that phone number lol I will follow your advice.
Review published by brina1, on 3 days


Madhur The Mystic Sage . (Psychic Expert Love Matte) 100 % score (20 reviews)

Now unless he has had time to Read my Transcript from another Psychic Advisor, He basically said the same thing to me has she did. Quick Response. Overall Happy with my Reading. Thank you!
Review published by simmy1981, on 3 days

Madhur The Mystic Sage .

Sarika (Psychic Love Expert) 100 % score (51 reviews)

Soul connections and work
Thank you so much Sarika for the email readings. Without giving you detailed information you revealed my soul connections with my man confirming previous readings I had. This really gave me courage. As far as work is concerned, thank you for informing me of the struggles to come and of the favorable outcome. You give me strength not to give up. Looking forward to brighter days. I definitely recommend you. Love and light to you.
Review published by stephanie22291, on 3 days


Psychic Tahir (Psychic Clairvoyant Mediu) 100 % score (6 reviews)

Great Reading
The reading was amazing and right on about everything that is going on with me and the gentleman that I asked about. He knew about me and my personality as well as him knowing how the gentleman I asked about personality. I would definitely recommend him for any type of reading.
Review published by flight0824, on 3 days

Psychic Tahir

James (Psychic Clairvoyant Tarot) 100 % score (2 reviews)

I felt he connected well with my situation. He gave a lot of timelines. I’m waiting to see if his predictions come to light. He is definitely worth a try ..
Review published by shaddy14816, on 1 week


Psychic Z (Psychic Love Reader) 100 % score (1 reviews)

Great Reading
Very quick and knowledgeable about my situation without knowing any information. Thank you so much for the reading! I was very impressed by what you could tell me and I appreciate it very much. I am looking forward to this new beginning in my life.
Review published by jean0625, on 1 week

Psychic Z

Alma (Medium Clairvoyant ) 100 % score (22 reviews)

She is good and the best
She is good and the best...I will definitely call again...I hd a brilliant experience.............................................hope her prediction comes true..............................................................................
Review published by ancysujal619, on 3 weeks


Advisor Adeline (Psychic, Clairvoyant, Lov) 100 % score (17 reviews)

When I was going through a rough time months ago I was scared of what Adelina would tell me because she was always right. And when we are hurting and missing a person we don't want to hear the truth. I've grown a lot...And I 100% appreciate Adelina's honesty. The truth no longer frightens me. Adelina has been a number of individuals who has helped me grow stronger and I will always be grateful for that! I no longer focus on heartache and instead I've grown to focus on myself. I may be curious but I don't become hurt from Adelina's truths. ALWAYS listen to Adelina...when she shares her gift it is to be followed. THANK YOU! You have no idea, Adelina, how much you've guided me through such a rough year. But I know 2018 will be better!
Review published by sashamia2, on 3 weeks

Advisor Adeline

Paul Knight (Psychic Clairvoyant) 100 % score (3 reviews)

Always amazing
Thank you, Paul. When I want the 100% truth I know to go to you. When you say you see something...it always happens. You have a true gift. Give Paul a call....but be prepared to hear the truth (even if you don't want to hear it). Paul is kind but make sure to pay attention to what he says.
Review published by sashakiss1, on 3 weeks

Paul Knight

Sonia (Clairvoyant Psychic and T) 100 % score (8 reviews)

she was good
Hope what u said come true...i have spoken to some of the other psychics on netwkr, total waste of time....u are good. i will call again.....................................
Review published by nancy1610025, on 1 month


Psychic John (Psychic Advisor) 100 % score (1 reviews)

Very accurate and right on point
This guy is very good he picked up on a lot of stuff on the behalf of me that I didn’t say to him very accurate and on point thanks again I will call soon and give a update
Review published by vbrown321, on 2 months

Psychic John

Dr. AstroCare (Relationship Clairvoyant ) 100 % score (2 reviews)

i had many questions that i needed answered that were not letting me sleep and i had seen 3 experts before him, but i wanted a fourth opinion and none the less he game me the same response as the others. i can say im very please, check him out you wont regret it.
Review published by fritzi92, on 2 months

Dr. AstroCare

Catherine (Gifted Psychic Reader) 100 % score (3 reviews)

Great Reader
Catherine was very clear, concise, and easy to understand. There were certain details she picked up on without me having to bring up. She also offered me advice to help guide me where I want to go. I appreciate the help!
Review published by butter97, on 3 months


Star Linda (Astrology, Tarot, Psychic) 100 % score (1 reviews)

Time to Move On
Thank you for the encouraging advice and guidance, there is a moment in life we have to learn to move on and I think it is time for me. I appreciate you taking the time to see into my future and leading me on the right path.
Review published by rachelstars, on 3 months

Star Linda

Crystal (Spiritual Consultant) 100 % score (3 reviews)

Thank you
What a big relief, as I am so wondering about my life. especially with my current situation when I am moving forward in my career path Thank you again and God bless you
Review published by hanan2020, on 5 months


Alexander (Karmic Soulmate Guide) 100 % score (1 reviews)

Different & Interesting
I've had numerous readings from all sorts of psychics and from different sites...but Alexander was very much different in his response to my situation. I agree that the man I asked about is the one I'm supposed to marry...however, I was perplexed by Alexander saying that my geographical location mattered as to this outcome. I am in no way doubting but I do believe this is a very different and interesting take on my situation--which I enjoy. Thank you.
Review published by sunshinelove83, on 9 months


Rose (Clairvoyant Love Guide) 100 % score (1 reviews)

All Star Deserving
Rose, You are such a pleasant person to speak with. You have insight that none other would have known. Thank you for the heads up on events to take place Toni
Review published by toni1030, on 9 months


Insight by Sabrina (Love Master Psychic Exper) 100 % score (2 reviews)

Truly excellent.
Beyond my wildest expectations. She was so accurate about so much. Got in deep into the situation at hand, what occurred and what I felt, the other felt and was so specific. I am great grateful and in awe! She deliver some disappointing news gentle tones. I am reading with her again soon for sure.
Review published by steenwijk21, on 10 months

Insight by  Sabrina

Susan (Psychic Clairvoyant Mediu) 100 % score (2 reviews)

Love and Relationship
Susan listened carefully and gave honest answers. I felt very comfortable speaking with her. She also followed up with me later which was very thoughtful. Overall, I thought she was very good.
Review published by beepers, on 1 year

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